Dear Valdosta Women's Health Center Patients:

Valdosta Women's Health Center is now
SGMC Women's Health!

Ellen Courson, MD MBA, Danielle McFarland, MD, Millie Jordan, RNC, and Kristin Tucker, RNC join with Jerthitia Taylor-Grate, MD to form SGMC Women's Health.
Your medical records remain with SGMC Women's Health.



If you have a prior balance owed to Valdosta Women's Health Center, nothing has changed other than the way you pay your bill.

Send an email to and you will receive a safe and secure PayPal email link from Valdosta Women's Health Center that will enable you to pay online securely.


Thank you and continued good health!
Sincerely yours,
Anthony Courson


Valdosta Women's Health Center, PC
Post Office Box 2130
Valdosta, Georgia 31604-2130


For more information,
visit the SGMC Women's Health website